DrivingHorrors – A morning drive from Cuncolim to Verna

This time I started recording from Cuncolim to Verna, it about 45 minute drive for me...

DrivingHorrors – Afternoon drive with Horror Drivers

I went for a small drive with my friends in the afternoon at Verna, Goa to try out the new camera holder I got...

DrivingHorrors – Parking horror counter at Margao | Goa

Location: Margao, As always our horror drivers are out in numbers creating a mess of everything. Check the video to see what the horror counter...

DrivingHorrors – Parking horror counter | Goa

DrivingHorrors – Verna bypass, Goa

DrivingHorrors – Gogol, Goa

Intro video

Drag race @ verna

Drag race at Verna. Loads of accidents happening these days and here are bunch of guys who are risking their lives (and others too) try...

Ambulance delayed cz of parked bikes on the highway

How 2 way highway almost becomes 1 away